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Wed, 25 Aug



Freeman Projected into the Future: SEMINAR-3

Judith Sutz | Jorge Katz | Slavo Radosevic | Pavel Gabriel Corilloclla Terbullino (Peru) | Rhiannon Pugh (GB) |Jana Schmutzler (Colombia)| Le Chen (China) | Diana Suárez (Argentina)

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Freeman Projected into the Future: SEMINAR-3
Freeman Projected into the Future: SEMINAR-3

Time & Location

25 Aug 2021, 2:30 pm GMT+1



About the Event

ZOOM LINK:  Meeting ID: 852 9580 3304  | Passcode: 2021  This zoom link, ID and passcode are common to all the three events. If you encounter any problem with respect to the link, please visit our website

The seminar will be in a format of informal communication with the following order:

  • Opening session by the moderator (Judith Sutz) and editor Gabriela Dutrénit (5 minutes)
  • Judith Sutz - question for the authors: What concepts, ideas or recommendations of Chris have impacted your research?
  • Presentations by four junior scholars who contributed to the Special Issue in the following order: Le Chen, Pavel Corilloclla, Rhiannon Pugh and Diana Suarez (25 min total, 7 min each) – Please find the papers of each one of them attached
  • Moderator - question for the seniors: Could you share with us some experiences of interaction with Chris?
  • Jorge Katz & Slavo Radosevic sharing their experience of their interaction with Chris Freeman (15 min, 7 minutes each)
  • Discussion (20 min) – Here the idea is that you can comment on the junior researcher´s papers, ask them question, they can ask you questions and questions from the audience will be incorporated
  • Closing by Judith Sutz and Jana Schmutzler

Judith Sutz is Professor at the University of the Republic of Uruguay and was the 2018 Chris Freeman Visiting Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex. She has a masters degree in Development Planning from the Central University of Venezuela and a Ph.D. in Socioeconomic Development of Development from the Sorbonne University. She is a researcher in the field of Science, Technology, Society and Development.

Jorge Katz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1940.  He received a First Degree in Economics at the University of Buenos Aires and completed his Doctorate at Balliol College, Oxford in 1967 with a dissertation entitled "Production Functions, Foreign Investment and Growth" which was published by North Holland Publishing Company in 1969.  He has been Professor on Industrial Economics at the University of Buenos Aires during the period 1968-1992. He also teaches a Graduate Course on Technology and Innovation at the University of Chile.  He has published extensively both on the subject of Technology and Industrial Restructuring in Latin America and also on Issues related to the Structure and Behavior on the Health Sector.

Slavo Radosevic is Professor of Industry and Innovation Studies at the UCL where he has also been acting director of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.  He had worked at University of Sussex SPRU as a researcher (1993-1999) and before that as a researcher in Croatia.  His main research interests are in science, technology, industrial change, foreign direct investments and innovation policy in Europe, with particular reference to central and eastern Europe (CEE). He has published extensively in international journals in these areas and has edited several volumes on these issues. He favours empirically oriented and policy relevant research projects, based on neo-Schumpeterian economics. He acts as an expert for the EC, OECD, UNESCO, UNIDO, World Bank, UNECE and Asian Development Bank and several governments in CEE. He also had significant policy-making experience in Croatia and ex-Yugoslavia at the highest policy level. He was a special advisor to the EC DG Commissioner for Regional and Urban Policy (2015-2019). He is visiting professor at National Research University Higher School of Economics St Petersburg.

Chen Le completed her undergraduate degree in Finance in China in 2005. After graduation, she worked in the financial field in Shanghai. And then she studied in Italy from 2011 and obtained her master’s degree in Bank and Finance at University of Udine 2013. She has gained work experience in the fields of intellectual property, business consulting, accounting, and taxation in Italy. From February 2020 she has been studying at University for Foreigners "Dante Alighieri” in Reggio Calabria as a PhD student in "Global Studies for an Inclusive and Integrated Society". Her studies were driven by a deep passion for learning to research and knowledge and by a strong openness to international experiences. Her academic publications adopted interdisciplinary analyses approaches include articles, conference papers with a particular focus on Finance, Governance Control Risk, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, National Innovation System. Her future academic research interests include but are not limited to the above-mentioned fields, particularly in relation to Digital Transformation and National Innovation System, and she also has a developing interest in the study of Innovation and Development.

Pavel Corilloclla Terbullino is Researcher and Consultant at CEEDE (Centro de Estudios Económicos y Desarrollo Empresarial) and lecturer at the Universidad del Pacífico (Peru). He is PhD in Science and Technology Policy Studies for the University of Sussex, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) and master in public policy for the University of Chile. He has been a visiting scientist at Fraunhofer ISI. As practitioner, Pavel has been Deputy Director of Monitoring and Evaluation in the Peruvian National Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation, and has been involved in several activities in liaison with national and international organizations.

Rhiannon Pugh is a senior lecturer in Innovation Studies as CIRCLE, Lund University Sweden. Her research interests include: regional economic development; economic geographies of weaker, post-industrial and peripheral regions; the roles of universities in regional development; gender perspectives within economic geography. She is handling editor of the early career section of the journal Regional Studies, Regional Science and co co-ordinator of the research network on gender and regional studies, funded by the Regional Studies Association. Profile: Vice-president at Council of Scientific Research of Buenos Aires Province, Arg ( Profesor at National University General Sarmiento (UNGS), Arg.  Researcher at CIECTI. Her main topics are in the field of science and technology policy, gender and science and innovation and development. She leads the Argentinean team in CYTED’s thematic network “Science, technology and innovation policies for the solution of national problems” (P619RT0014). As a consultant, she has worked for IDB, UNCTAD, ECLAC, RICYT and national ministries in Argentina (MINCYT, MECON). She integrates the Scientific Board of Lalics (

Diana Suárez, PhD. Aalborg University, Denmark (2014). Subject: Economics of innovation. PhD. in Social Sciences (UNQ, Bs.As., Arg., 2015). Mg. in Management of Science, Tecnology and Innovation (UNGS, Bs.As., Arg., 2009). BA Industrial Economics (UNGS, Bs.As., Arg., 2003). ORCID ID:

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