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The artist

Dr. G.R. Santhosh Kumar is a practicing medical doctor from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. He did his medical studies at the renowned Trivandrum Medical College.

In a career spanning over thirty-years as a public-health practitioner, Dr. Santhosh Kumar has contributed significantly to the efforts of the State Government to decentralise health-administration through the Local Self Government organisations. He played a prominent role in State-wide campaigns for containing pandemic outbreaks such as Chikungunya (CHIKV) during 2006-2007, Dengue and H1N1 in 2010, Leptospirosis in 2016-17, Nipah in 2018, and currently Covid-19.

During his tenure as the State Consultant and Nodal Officer of the 'Social Behavioural Change Communication Programme' of National Health Mission, he initiated Radio-health, a radio broadcasting programme intended for public-awareness-creation on vaccination and communicable diseases. This innovation significantly contributed to improvement in vaccination rate in the economically backward regions. 

Dr. G.R. Santhosh Kumar is a well-known political cartoonist and popular writer in Malayalam vernacular. He is a passionate creative artist and music enthusiast too.  

Recent publications:

Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Outbreak in Kerala, Southern India

Dissecting an Outbreak: A Clinico-epidemiological Study of Nipah Virus Infection in Kerala, India, 2018

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psoter-2-inaugural lecture